The staff of Xplore Operating is comprised of professional, well-seasoned, 

honest & ethical individuals.                                                                                 

  • Philip H. Carlisle is president of Xplore.  His experience includes 36 plus years of  industry experience with other companies, and as an entrepreneur growing his own oil &  gas entities.  Since 1996, until Carlisle divested his majority  ownership in 2006, he was president of Aspen Integrated Oil & Gas and Aspen Operating Company, which grew to a $50 million plus company, operating over 500 wells.   Since divesting, Carlisle has chosen to  focus, with other key individuals, on what he enjoys most and has excelled in during his career: exploration and focused producing property acquisitions.  Xplore currently operates producing wells in North Texas, in the Fort Worth basin.    


  • Keith V. Vickers is a geologist with both oil company and service company know-how, and has over 30 years of industry experience.  He is dedicated to being a successful geologist, and oversees many field operations.  His partnership role is one that is crucial to our plan of  developing quality projects and then seeing them through to completion.   His years of field experience are a great asset to the Xplore team.

  •  In addition to these partners in the Xplore entities, we also have other talented professionals to help with our daily activities. Anthony Rowland is Production Superintendent. He had previously worked with the group at Aspen.  He adds many years of experience and significant operations knowledge to our company.  Linda Carlisle  (Phil’s wife) has supported Phil since he went on his own through her resources and office management, and her accounting skills  She handles accounts payable, banking duties, among many other tasks.  Martha Dorman  has been with the Xplore team since 2005, and supports the group with joint interest accounting, revenue disbursement, owner relations, and regulatory matters, among many other duties.