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Our Mission

It is Xplore's mission to maximize our oil and gas resources through the integration of methods, technology and manpower.

Xplore is a focused exploration, production and operating company founded on the application of advanced technologies, utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach.  Exploration focuses on the use of 3-D geophysical applications, applied in areas where thorough geological and geophysical practices have shown applicability for advanced techniques.  Production and operations techniques also utilize advanced technology and applied methods in developing and producing company reserves. 

Company Profile

The Xplore entities were started in November, 1996 as Aspen Integrated Oil & Gas, LLC, focusing on 3-D seismic programs and the corresponding drilling possibilities as a result of 3-D activities. Aspen Integrated Oil & Gas grew to a sizable company, and in 2006, it's assets were sold. Aspen Integrated Oil & Gas still exists today, although it's sister Xplore companies were formed to be more specific to current goals of drilling for reserves.

Xplore is headquartered in Arlington, Texas. Xplore's primary focus area is now in North Texas, which is close to "home". Xplore has also participated recently in non-operated projects in the Illinois basin.

The company has strong technical and evaluation skills enabling it to react quickly on new opportunities. Its primary focus remains on conventional projects (non-shale plays) utilizing vertical drilling.

Contact Information

Postal address
2223 Wanda Way, Unit B, Arlington, Texas 76001
Electronic mail
General Information: info@xogllc.com

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